Dare to Go Further

I love this video because we have all been there. Maybe not looking down from the top of a ski jump, but doing something that instilled an element of “hesitation”. No matter the scaffolding of skills or amount of experience, when something new and challenging arises, that fear of the unknown, that fear of failure […]

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Leaving a Lasting Impression

A couple of days ago I saw a few former students who I had the pleasure to teach when they were in grade four – during my first time at Caulfeild Elementary. They were at the school to play four-square and see if the rumour was true, Mr. Cantlie was the new principal. In our conversation they told me […]

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Connecting with Remembrance Day

Each year, in my role as Vice-Principal, I have the honour of shaping the annual Remembrance Day ceremony at Ridgeview Elementary in collaboration with our teachers. My goal every November is to connect the students, and the adults, to the sacrifices of war in a manner that has meaning for them. As such, the focus has […]

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Connecting and Innovating

A few months ago I attended my first EDCamp. My only prior knowledge about EDCamps was that the participants’ interest determined the workshop topics and it was a great opportunity to connect with other educators. This EDCamp also featured a “who’s who” of local innovative educators on Twitter such as: Chris Wejr, Neil Stephenson, Aaron Akune, Gino […]

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7 Days…

I wrote this as an email today and after reading it, I felt it would also make a great blog post. Enjoy. As of today I have raised just over $7,000 for BC Children’s Hospital and I will be carrying around 70 Flags of Hope up the mountain with me. The messages on these flags […]

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Guess Who’s Teaching Us About Government

In a previous post, Connecting to Inquiry, I stated Kath Murdoch’s assertion that “quality inquiry is active…with students being actively involved in ʻdoingʼ the learning with an emphasis on first hand, real world experiences”. In our classroom this term, one of the components to our learning on government has been the opportunity for students to engage in authentic […]

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