Picture This!

A learning eco-system where the fluidity of where student thinking occurs is based upon the needs of the child and is framed to encourage critical thought, creativity and collaboration with a diverse group of peers. The world is ever changing and the “institution of school” is evolving with it. For those of us who want […]

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Words of Wisdom 2018

I would like to begin by gratefully acknowledging that we are celebrating today’s farewell on the ancestral lands of the Squamish Nation. Welcome everyone to the 2018 Grade Seven Farewell Ceremony. Today may be a farewell, but it is also a celebration of all your learning. Learning that is guided by the philosophy of “Dare […]

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Being a Farmer

This week I presented at Discovery Education’s Ignite Vancouver. This is my 5 minute presentation. Please excuse the run-on sentences and poor punctuation. It is written like I spoke it – fast. Last year a researcher travelling the globe studying education systems around the world asked me this question. This is a great question because […]

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My One Word: Create

The one word challenge was set by Chris Kennedy a month ago. It has taken me a little time to put my thoughts down but my one word is Create. This year I will be working to create opportunities for professional learning, innovative learning environments and a strong sense of community. Create Opportunities for Professional Learning […]

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Help. My Professional Growth Plan

I am the principal of a school with 326 students. This year, like every other year, those students were grouped by age and then broken into divisions within what might be called the factory model of learning. I already knew that each class would have: a broad range of skills; a broad range of maturity; a broad range of interests. […]

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Engaging the Third Teacher

This year we have been exploring Learning Spaces as part of our Dare to go Further journey with student learning. As a school that has implemented the IDEC model, we have transformed the way students think through their experience with inquiry-based learning. Our students know how to ask critical questions to delve deeper into their understanding […]

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