Words of Wisdom

These were my words of wisdom at our Grade 7 Farewell ceremony today… Good luck. These are two words you will hear for the rest of your life. Usually they will come when you are soon to be involved in a challenge of some sort: exams, job interviews, presentations, hockey games… The thing is, there […]

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Making our Learning Visible

Each month our Parent Advisory Committee holds monthly meetings to discuss PAC related issues. During these meetings I deliver a Principal’s Report filled with interesting matters about the school. This past week, rather than sit and talk about the wonderful aspects of Caulfeild iDEC, I walked our parents around the school to add a “show” […]

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Leaving a Lasting Impression

A couple of days ago I saw a few former students who I had the pleasure to teach when they were in grade four – during my first time at Caulfeild Elementary. They were at the school to play four-square and see if the rumour was true, Mr. Cantlie was the new principal. In our conversation they told me […]

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We’re Going Inquiry!

The events of last Friday brought the Kool and the Gang classic Celebration to mind as I began this post because this year’s hard work and collaborative efforts are bearing fruit. On Friday, our school’s journey towards inquiry became more concrete. During our professional development days this year we engaged in a number of activities […]

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