Help. My Professional Growth Plan

I am the principal of a school with 326 students. This year, like every other year, those students were grouped by age and then broken into divisions within what might be called the factory model of learning. I already knew that each class would have: a broad range of skills; a broad range of maturity; a broad range of interests. […]

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Leaving a Lasting Impression

A couple of days ago I saw a few former students who I had the pleasure to teach when they were in grade four – during my first time at Caulfeild Elementary. They were at the school to play four-square and see if the rumour was true, Mr. Cantlie was the new principal. In our conversation they told me […]

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What Makes a Difference?

What brought JOY to your learning when you were a student? My wife Charity has returned to school this year seeking her British Columbia Teachers Certificate through Simon Fraser University PDP. Though her Child Studies degree from Concordia, Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Simon Fraser University, four years of IB (PYP) teaching experience, level […]

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