10 Thoughts

I always enjoy Elliotte Friedman’s 30 Thoughts opinion piece on CBC Sports so I thought I would try my own version as I reflect back on the first three months of the school year. 1. Inquiry continues to deepen its roots throughout the classrooms at Ridgeview. Our foundations of time, collaboration, and trust have allowed […]

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Reflecting on our Innovation

Yesterday educators in the West Vancouver School District came together at Sentinel Secondary to share the process and results of their inquiries from throughout the year. The innovation grants provided by the district allowed teachers and administrators the opportunity to innovate in their classrooms and schools. Our innovation grant at Ridgeview Elementary was around providing […]

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Guess Who’s Teaching Us About Government

In a previous post, Connecting to Inquiry, I stated Kath Murdoch’s assertion that “quality inquiry is active…with students being actively involved in ʻdoingʼ the learning with an emphasis on first hand, real world experiences”. In our classroom this term, one of the components to our learning on government has been the opportunity for students to engage in authentic […]

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Connecting to Inquiry

Last year, I had the opportunity to experience teaching within the IB Primary Years Program at Tokyo International School. I found that although I had always considered myself a teacher who effectively used inquiry, the PYP framework allowed me to take student learning to a place where students were making personal, cross-curricular, and world connections […]

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