7 Days…

I wrote this as an email today and after reading it, I felt it would also make a great blog post. Enjoy. As of today I have raised just over $7,000 for BC Children’s Hospital and I will be carrying around 70 Flags of Hope up the mountain with me. The messages on these flags […]

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Taking Action for a Cause

Last week was Summits of Hope Week at Ridgeview Elementary. This was five days dedicated to fundraising for our team’s climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro in support of BC Children’s Hospital and it was a great success on many different levels. My goals over the course of this journey to Africa have been to; Raise $5,000 […]

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Mt. Kilimanjaro

On a mid-October day later this Fall, I will be looking out at the world from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa. The journey to 19,340 feet began on Monday, June 18th when the students of Ridgeview Elementary first heard that their Vice-Principal was going on an adventure for the BC Children’s Hospital. Their excitement and engagement […]

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