Guess Who’s Teaching Us About Government

In a previous post, Connecting to Inquiry, I stated Kath Murdoch’s assertion that “quality inquiry is active…with students being actively involved in ʻdoingʼ the learning with an emphasis on first hand, real world experiences”. In our classroom this term, one of the components to our learning on government has been the opportunity for students to engage in authentic […]

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Connecting to Mathletics

Along with being an wonderful learning tool, Mathletics is an excellent gateway into using technology in the classroom. 21st Century learning conjures up images of students complimenting their education with personal devices, however, the truth is that there are many classrooms where teachers are not yet comfortable using this learning resource. As an educational leader […]

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Building Capacity

There have been some exciting programs introduced to our school this year. Each would have easily been successful within the confines of individual classrooms but have spread enthusiastically beyond those four walls to enhance the education of many more students at Ridgeview. As school leaders we recognized that when our teachers are provided with opportunities, […]

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Why Learning Connections?

I was asked a number of months ago why I chose to title my blog Learning Connections. The name actually comes from a Wiki that I created a couple of years ago that was intended to be a collection of web-based resources I could access anywhere. There have been too many times I have placed […]

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