Connecting to Adventure

Disclaimer: this is a personal blog post today, about…

My birthday is December 29. If you have a December birthday you know that having a birthday at this time of year can be slightly anti-climactic. The gifts tend to all come on Christmas Day and are sold as “one big gift”. Getting together can be difficult as people are fatigued from Christmas celebrations and are really preparing for New Years, so the 29th is more of a nuisance than anything else.

With that, about thirteen years ago, I took matters into my own hands and began a yearly adventure. Many people have asked me what I have done and how I find these activities so, to start the year I thought I would share my “events” as it may inspire you to do something novel in 2012. I have included links to either the exact activity I did, or one that is in the Greater Vancouver area.

2011  I rented Rogers Arena and played 2 hours of hockey

2010  Completed my Advanced Diving Certificate and swam amongst reef sharks (Fiji)

2009  Paragliding (Nepal)

2008  Discover Scuba (Bali)

2007  Riding an elephant (a wildlife reserve in Thailand)

2006  Watched two football matches in London between two Premiership teams (one of which has been so far relegated they are likely long forgotten Charleton, Fulham, West Ham)

2005  Bungee Jumping (Whistler)

2004  Day trip to Whistler (bit of a lame year)

2003  Dog-sledding (Canmore)

2002  Flying a small airplane lesson (Delta)

2001  Flying a helicopter – 2 hour lesson (England)

2000  The Polar Bear swim (Vancouver)

1999  Luging at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary

1998  Bobsledding at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary

1997  Snowboarding at Big White

Happy Adventuring in 2012.

My next blog post will return to the professional side of life with connections to educators that influenced me in 2011.

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