Picture This!

A learning eco-system where the fluidity of where student thinking occurs is based upon the needs of the child and is framed to encourage critical thought, creativity and collaboration with a diverse group of peers. The world is ever changing and the “institution of school” is evolving with it. For those of us who want […]

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Opening Night 2018

Last night was our K-5 Opening Night presentation at Dubai American Academy. We began the night with a welcome from our entire staff, then delved into the the Vision for learning at the Elementary School and finally our parents were off their child’s classroom.

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Words of Wisdom 2018

I would like to begin by gratefully acknowledging that we are celebrating today’s farewell on the ancestral lands of the Squamish Nation. Welcome everyone to the 2018 Grade Seven Farewell Ceremony. Today may be a farewell, but it is also a celebration of all your learning. Learning that is guided by the philosophy of “Dare […]

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O Siyam

Last week was National Indigenous Peoples Day. We recognized the day at the beginning of the day with our students. What makes this day important for our school is that we have been on a three year journey as a school delving into our connections to the Squamish Nation and Coast Salish People, the indigenous content of […]

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Caulfeild in 150 Words

Create a short, sharp and succinct description and visual portrait of your school. This was a challenge our Superintendent Chris Kennedy laid before us today. These are known as “elevator pitches” which Inc.com explains as “a well-crafted ad…a personal 30-second TV spot: It should be a simple-to-grasp promotion that’s catchy enough to not let your […]

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I Wonder…

I came home from work tonight to find this… Rerolled toilet paper (again). I hate this on many levels but my six year old son has a habit of sometimes “taking his time” in the washroom and this tends to be the focus of that time. Finding this after a frustrating commute and a long […]

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Words of Wisdom 2017

These are the words of wisdom I shared at our Grade 7 Farewell ceremony today… The Chicago Bears The Spirit Bear The Grizzly, Black and Brown Bear Yogi Bear Smokey the Bear Paddington Bear The Three Bears Gummy Bears The Bad News Bears The Caulfeild Bears I know that at your age, sometimes when we […]

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