A View from the Small Office

A revisit of an old post about the work we’ve done at Ridgeview


Prior to Spring Break, Elementary Vice Principals in the West Vancouver School District met to share what was happening in our schools. Although we are a small district and speak frequently, it was a great opportunity to gain insight into current initiatives and learning. Our dialogues enable us to be savvy about what is happening in other schools and idea share as we embark on our individual journeys in educational leadership.

The Ridgeview Elementary presentation focussed in on 3 areas we have been working on: inquiry, collaboration, and technology.

Moving the school towards an inquiry-based model of learning has been an engaging one for our staff. Through professional development days we have had the opportunity for reflection on current practice and open discussions about how we might shape a common dialogue around learning throughout the school. We began building our knowledge by encouraging school visits*. Teachers were provided the time…

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