Thank You Ridgeview


It has been three years since the photo was taken. This was my first day of school as the Vice-Principal of Ridgeview, and what an amazing experience it has been.

In my time at Ridgeview we integrated inquiry into classroom teaching through our Ridgeview Inquiry Cycle, successfully delved into bring your own device for grades 5-7, created a common language for our students to identify with from K-7, established weekly collaborative time for grade level partners, raised thousands of dollars for Summits of Hope/BC Children’s Hospital as I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, reestablished a connection with our sister school Grandview Elementary, successfully raised enough money for Me to We to build a school in Africa, had numerous visits from visitors curious about our programs and the list goes on.

WE did this. Staff, students and parents made this happen. For your trust and belief in the possible, I thank you.

Staff, thank you for your commitment to student learning and your education of the whole child. Your stories are chronicled throughout this blog.

Students, thank you for your respectful behaviour, positive attitude, and for challenging yourself to reach your full potential. I will miss the fact that you were just as enthusiastic telling me about classroom learning as you were about the previous night’s hockey game.

Parents, thank you for your support of various initiatives and programs benefitting student learning, organization of school-wide events such as Bingo Night and Mayfair, and willingness to help within our classrooms. It is the heart that goes into your work that inspires the “family” feel of our school.

Ridgeview is a special place to learn, and over the last three years I have learned as much as I have taught. Thank you Ridgeview for the opportunity to be part of your community. I will miss “The Dragon’s Den”.


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