What better word to choose as we enter 2023 and the absolute unknown.

If I was to look back on 2022 and choose a word, it would be Move. We moved on from our careers (even if it is temporary), we traveled east to west, then west to east seeing the world and we moved our thinking beyond what is considered the “normal” life path, to jumping into a full-time life of travel, adventure, study, uncertainty, and opportunity.

This year for the #onewordchallenge choosing Thrive was easy. Though 2022 was an amazing year of movement, change, and exploration, it also came with doubt and questions about when and where we would land our next job. The transition from changing my routine of going to work every weekday for 20 years (and the monthly salary that comes with that), to living on the fly was not necessarily easy, but as we enter 2023 we are fully embracing the unknown, and the freedom it provides.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines thrive as:

  • growing vigorously;
  • gaining in wealth or possessions;
  • progressing toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstance.

I really like these points of definition, but I asked ChatAI about Thrive and thought it did a bang-up job that I very much connect with:

To thrive means to flourish or prosper. It generally refers to the idea of doing well and achieving success in various aspects of life, such as physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. When someone is thriving, they are generally happy, healthy, and successful in their endeavors. Thriving may involve achieving personal goals, finding fulfillment and meaning in one’s life, and having strong relationships with others. It can also involve experiencing personal growth and development over time. Ultimately, what it means to thrive may vary from person to person, as each individual has their own unique set of values, goals, and priorities.

2023 is a blank slate and will be a year to Thrive with my family, our life adventure, my graduate work, and whatever comes our way. This is the word that will guide my life decisions this year, and will make 2023 a magnificent year of being alive!

Happy 2023 everyone! I wish you an excellent year ahead!


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