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I began this blog quite a long time ago now. The intention was to create a platform for introspection, the sharing of ideas that were being put into action and connecting to the work of fellow educators. Picture This / LearningConnections is an opportunity for me to document my learning, thoughts and experiences. Through this blog I reflect on my ideas and actions as part of my own inquiry into How can we redesign schools to better meet students where they are as learners across all disciplines? For those on the same path, I hope my insights and experience might provide you with ideas for making the magic happen in your schools. Interaction is always welcomed.


Throughout his twenty-two years as an educator, Craig has strongly valued inquiry-based learning, collaboration, innovation, pursuit of each child’s personal excellence and the capacity building of educators.

Craig was an Executive Principal at GEMS Dubai American Academy from 2018-2022. The school has over 2700 students Pre-K to Grade 12 with over 1200 of those students in elementary. Dubai American Academy is rated as an “Outstanding” by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) for its exceptionally high quality of performance and practice.  Recently, through a strong vision and the excellent work of staff and students, the school’s Apple Distinguished Schools renewal elevated from the elementary school to a whole school distinction as DAA continues to be a showcase school for innovation in learning.

Prior to joining Dubai American Academy Craig spent four years as the Principal of Caulfeild iDEC (inquiry-based digitally enhanced community), a highly regarded K-7 Elementary School in the highest performing school district in Canada. In his time as Principal, the school team was nominated for the Cmolik Prize for the Enhancement of Public Education.

Craig believes in inspiring those around him and spent five years as the licensee and curator of TEDxWestVancouverED, an event designed to challenge and inspire our ideas and practices as educators.

During the 2022-2023 school year Craig is taking a sabbatical to focus on his Ed.D and traveling the world with his wife and son.

Follow Craig on Twitter at @craigcantlie and Linkedin.


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