Our Whole School Inquiry

Why is it important to be responsible? This is an Essential Question our school is exploring across the grades through our current whole school inquiry. The vehicle driving the learning into this question is an exploration into the health of our environment. We have been overwhelmed with the level of engagement this inquiry has provoked. How […]

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At the Forefront

  What school is your child going to attend next year? During my childhood you simply went to the school that was in your neighbourhood; but that is not necessarily the case anymore. Parents are looking for schools that will give their children an excellent education, make them feel valued, and perhaps provide them with […]

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Words of Wisdom 2016

Congratulations! You are off on a new adventure; one that you can go forward and explore with confidence because you are prepared. First off, you learned a lot of amazing lessons in Kindergarten that have continued to serve you well throughout your elementary school years. Share everything. Play fair. Don’t hit people. Put things back […]

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Being a Farmer

This week I presented at Discovery Education’s Ignite Vancouver. This is my 5 minute presentation. Please excuse the run-on sentences and poor punctuation. It is written like I spoke it – fast. Last year a researcher travelling the globe studying education systems around the world asked me this question. This is a great question because […]

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My One Word: Create

The one word challenge was set by Chris Kennedy a month ago. It has taken me a little time to put my thoughts down but my one word is Create. This year I will be working to create opportunities for professional learning, innovative learning environments and a strong sense of community. Create Opportunities for Professional Learning […]

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Help. My Professional Growth Plan

I am the principal of a school with 326 students. This year, like every other year, those students were grouped by age and then broken into divisions within what might be called the factory model of learning. I already knew that each class would have: a broad range of skills; a broad range of maturity; a broad range of interests. […]

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Welcome Back Message to my School

Welcome back to a new school year! Over the course of this summer Caulfeild received a “refresh” in a number of locations around the school. Our washrooms that were “vintage” from the beginning to the school’s history were gutted and rebuilt by our Facilities team. Our Learning Commons, was re-carpeted (courtesy of CPAC) and mill work was […]

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