Words of Wisdom 2021

This is a milestone moment in your lives. This is the end of your time in elementary, and the beginning of something new in Middle School. What we are doing today is the celebration of an important time and ritual among the many life rituals you will experience in your lifetime. So enjoy every minute of it.

Even though you are off to Middle School, I want you to know that elementary will continue to be with you. Yes of course, learning will look different as you navigate the hallways to find different classes throughout your day next year. Yes, you will have a number of teachers inspiring and challenging you in your learning in various subjects and the warm comfort of being part of an elementary homeroom will not feel the same in Middle School but it will be there in a different way.

I often like to say that elementary is the incubator for change so I have a request as you go off into Middle School, High School, post-secondary education, work, have families and so forth…

My request is that you don’t forget what you have learned here in elementary. I don’t mean the content, though, don’t forget the content you’ll need some of it. I mean don’t forget the skills you developed throughout your years here:

– The intellectual and inter-personal skills you have been crafting throughout your years from K to 5;

– Your increased ability to communicate your ideas and thoughts clearly with others to both make a point, or make a friend; 

– The strategies to problem solve some of the complex essential questions you delved into in grade 5, or what is seriously a tough thing to do as you grew up (until you actually figure it out) – tying your shoelaces;

– The skills of finding the right way to collaborate with others so that everyone felt valued and contributed to the learning process in and out of the classroom;

– Your ability to manage your time and priorities – balancing out school work, friends, family and all the wonderful interests you pursue outside of DAA. I’ll give you a little insight on this one though – the pursuit of being an excellent self-manager could certainly be a life long pursuit for many;

– Your aptitude to persevere, be respectful, act with integrity, drive yourself forward and demonstrate empathy to those around you will make you a bright light to those in your life;

Finally, the most important skills I want you to continue to hold onto is your ability to wonder and to be curious

Do you know that it is only since you were born the following have happened: the video doorbell, Uber, Deliveroo, Smart Assistants like Siri, Alexa, etc, diversification of emojis for different cultures, a photo of a black hole, ability to land on Mars, tourist flights to space, Netflix, Spotify and even, the iPad. These were all born out of “I wonders…”

The future is shaped by the curious, by those who wonder what could be and have the drive and vision to make it a reality. I call it that “Picture This”.

Each and everyone of you have that potential to be a change maker. Throughout your learning in elementary we have shown you what learning is meant to be. It’s fueled by questions, sparked by innovation, built through the synergy of connecting with those around you and amplified by the respect you earn based on the integrity of your actions.

We have set you on the path to success. On behalf of of elementary we wish you all the best, and we hope that all your future learning embraces the joy and vigor we have provided you over the years. Congratulations Grade 5. I know you are going to be superstars.

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