It has been a whirlwind 18 months and as we enter this new school year the word I have chosen to guide me is FORWARD.

We are moving forward in learning. Through the health and safety framework of KHDA we are bringing our students back into the micro-environments that define the mindset of our learners and educators. This return is the first step in returning our students to the face-to-face collaborative learning experiences they remember fondly and the synergy of learning we value.

As a school we have a new strategic plan that will drive us forward until 2026. Connecting nicely to the i3 model of learning we have been building over the past two years in elementary, the K-12 strategic plan will guide our decisions and practices as Dubai American Academy moves boldly into DAA 5.0.

We look forward with sharing our experiences as an Apple Distinguished School with the wider community. Prior to March 2020 we held learning showcases for the community to learn from our work, while we were able to discover the greatness of what others were doing. These events were empowering for students and educators alike.

We continue to shape professional learning that builds capacity in the achievement of our school goals and creates opportunities for individuals to focus on their own growth. We are hopeful we can move forward with sessions where we have our experts like Tonya Gilchrist, Erin Kent Consulting, Lee Crockett and speakers associated with Chapters International back on site.

I personally look forward to working with Christopher Frost who is the new Head of Teaching, Learning and Innovation at Dubai American Academy. From our time together at Tokyo International School I know Chris to be an incredible inquiry educator who has certainly shaped my thinking around learning.

Finally I am looking forward to delving into the Leadership Studies Ed. D program through the University of Western Ontario beginning this month.

It’s going to be a great year and I look forward to all that it brings.

What is your one word for this year?

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